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    Can JPDL restricts who has rights to start a new process ins

    Fan Zhang Newbie

      I have a process definition file in JPDL, and now I want to add controls on persons(actor-ids) who can start a new instance of this process. I am now doubting does JPDL has the ability to define this? Also I have noticed that there is a swimlane definition in the start state, and the following is quoted from JPDL's document:

      A task can be specified in a start-state. That task be associated with a swimlane. When a new task instance is created for such a task, the current authenticated actor will be captured with Authentication.getAuthenticatedActorId() and that actor will be stored in the swimlane of the start task.

      However, it seems this swimlane just give authentication to the actor who start this process, not control the actors who can start this process. So, is there anything which can do this in JPDL, or something similar? Or, I have to use some external component from JBPM to do this?