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    How hard to create visual representation of the relationship

    joe freeman Newbie

      Management is all about pretty pictures and that's one of the reasons they like the BPM. (They may not understand the details of the pictures but it gives us a place to start when discussing application behavior) The JBoss designer does a good job of letting us creating pretty pictures for individual flows but we'd like to have a master picture of how the flows are wired together. (60+ flows in a 4 deep graph) So, what would be the best way to try and build this picture? I can think of a couple options.

      1) Draw it manually in Visio using the .jpg files.

      2) Create a small program that loads the process definitions, calculates the defined relationships and generates an XML file that describes the relationships with references to the .jpg files. Then we use some other code or tools to convert the XML into an object graph.

      3) Create a medium size program that loads the process definitions and creates a single unified process instance including some new transition type between the different process definitions. This could use the standard API to construct a new definition. What API would write out a process Instance as a definition that could be then loaded into the builder.

      4) Try and modify the Eclipse plugin to support the loading of a whole directory of process definitions so that it could create a temporary unified graph. I don't know how much work this is. Is there any readily available API in the builder to do this?

      5) Use something that already exists that we haven't found through our investigaton.

      6) Some other, hopefully simpler approach than any of the above.

      We're open to any suggestions