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    Webservice interface to jBPM

    Johannes Huber Newbie


      we want to access jBPM from a .NET Application, so we need access to jBPM via webservices.

      I have read, that Version 3.3 will come with an webservice interface. Jira contains the feature request #718 - Add a webservice frontend to jBPM-(http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPM-718)

      When I looked more detailed in #718, it seemed to me that in release 3.3. "only" some commands will be realized.

      Does anyone know?
      1)Is it right, that for the first release of the Webservice interface, only some commands will be supported?
      2)Is there a roadmap and very rough schedule available to fully support all commands of jBPM. (Similar to the remote Interface of the CommandServiceBean where many, maybe all commands are supported)?

      We have tried jBPM in the Java-World and appreciate it very much.
      Now access via a webservice interace is essential to us.

      Any hints appreciated!