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    actionHandler creates mutiple tokens , then to same Join (He

    Lei Zhu Newbie


      I am creating a work flow Like:

      Node1(MyActionHandler) -->Task 1--->Node2--> Task2--->Join ---> node 3
      -->Task 1--->Node2--> Task2--->Join
      -->Task 1--->Node2--> Task2--->Join

      there is a actionhandler named "MyActionHandler" in Node1,
      MyActionHandler create 3 tokens for Task 1, which means 3 Task1 or 3 sub Tokens
      but if one of those 3 tokens finished Task2, join won't wait other 2 tokens, join just go straight to node3.

      how to make join waiting for all 3 tokens(go to nodes until 3 tokens finish Task2)?