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    How to disable inline styles?

    Geuis Teses Newbie

      Its disconcerting that Richfaces renders out inline styles. For example, we are using the following

      <rich:panelMenu mode="ajax"

      Which generates
      <div class="rich-pmenu " id="j_id7:j_id8" style="width:100%; ">

      Even if I add style="" to the <rich:panelMenu>, it doesn't remove the width:100%. If I add style="width:1px", it renders out as style="width:100%;width:1px". What's up with that?

      I've added this to web.xml and it stops the default style sheets from loading:

      It doesn't turn off the inline-styles. Anything I can do to fix this?

      And as an aside, inline styles can conflict with CSS that tries to style those elements. Since RichFaces provides a lot of IDs and classes to hook styles into, there should be absolutely no inline styles being rendered out that can't be user disabled.