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    scrollableDataTable and ExtendedDataModel

    Wiktor Gworek Newbie


      I wrote my ExtendedDataModel (based on link to forum from Developer Guide) in order to not fetching all results from BD. With rich:dataTable it works like a magic and no problem is there.

      I wanted to switch to rich:scrollableDataTable and I encountered some problems. First of all it seems that scrollableDataTable is not aware of ExtendedDataModel (why it cannot use it?) and tries to invoke setRowIndex() rather than setRowKey(). I don't like idea that it's not aware of my IDs. Therefore no content is displayed and it logs I have trace of invokations setRowIndex() and getRowData() whereas in rich:dataTable the invokation is walk() and then setRowKey() and getRowData().

      Has anyone seen this before or got some idea how properly it should be done?