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    GPD Deploy - fileupload not found

    Adrian Apthorp Newbie

      I've come across a problem with deploying processes with jbpm-enterprise.ear rather than jbpm-console that is bundled with JBPM 3.2.2 suit. On startup JBOSS throws a NoClassDefFoundError when it tries to load the upload servelet.

      I came across a similar problem on the ESB forum:


      I tried the suggested work around of removing load on startup but when I deploy via GPD it still can't find the Upload class.

      One workaround seems to be to extract commons-uploadfile.jar (and related jars i.e. commons-io.jar) from the jbpm-console.war in the 'ear' and copy them to server/jbpm/lib.

      So the question is why can the classes be found when packaged in jbpm-console.war and not in jbpm-enterprise.ear?