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    Job Executor-Asynchronous execution

    mandrita.ca Newbie

      I am using JBPM-jpdl suite 3.2.2.
      These are some of the recent findings:
      1. System.out.println("Job Executor Name" + obj.getName()); gives the actual Job Executor Name which it reads from default.jbpm.cfg.xml file showing that the Job Executor is up and running.
      2. I configured a timer and the job executor is executing the timer action class as expected which is also getting reflected in the JBPM_JOB table as the version column value is increasing.
      3. However when I follow the similar steps for asynchronous execution i find that there is no new entry in the JBPM_JOB table,but the SOP is giving me the Job Executor name in the asynch action class handler which shows that the executor is up and running.But no other tasks are getting exceuted after the asynch node except for if i write executioncontext.getNode().leave(executionContext).
      Abruptly the process is ending without even raising exceptions if I am not including the above piece of code.

      So how is the job executor handling the asynch messages? since asynch means a non-blocking process.