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    How can Jbpm exchange data with external system?

    fengzhi duong Newbie

      hello everybody,

      I have read the jbpm jpdl tutorial, it told a little about external system. And I have some questions about data exchange between Jbpm and external system.

      I understand an external system can be a human or another applications. E.g. a process is being in the state-node and waiting for a signal of an external system to continue to next node.

      1. A human, who at the web application clicks on a button, which sends a signal to the Jbpm, with token.signal().

      2. Another application, how can it send a signal to Jbpm? And where is the interface in Jbpm for data exchange with external system? How can I realise it?

      Please give me some information about it or what I have to read or lern to implement this function?

      Sinceres thanks for your help.