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    Idea for execution without using recursion.

    Ming Fang Newbie

      Using v3.1.4...
      1-In Node.java, comment out line 375
      // transition.take(executionContext);

      2-In Token.java, put this after line 184
      Transition nextTransition = null;
      while ((nextTransition = executionContext.getTransition()) != null) {

      Please note I'm not expert in jBPM(yet) and only tested with a quick example.

      I'm hoping to solve a couple of problems here.
      1-Avoid Stackoverflow on very large graphs without waitstate; Not using recursion is just nicer.
      2-Able to break out of infinite loops. In step two above I could break after a configurable number of transitions into an error state, preventing stackoverflow.

      What do you think?