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    Workflow without DB/Service-Invocations? Is there a simpler

    Rainer Simon Newbie


      I'm trying to achieve the following goal, and I don't know how to do it in a clever way yet - i.e. without creating a proprietary solution to a problem that someone else has probably solved (better) already:

      I'm planning to build a servlet filter that redirects visitors of the same URL to different documents. The redirect-decision should be made based on a decision graph - similar to a workflow graph - and a bunch of parameters stored in the HttpSession context.

      I could just hard-code the decision graph into the servlet filter. But I want to be able to change the graph (i.e. the decision logic) without changing the code of the Filter...

      I know this should be possible with jBPM. But since there is no interaction with with databases, Web services, or human actors in the decision logic, it seems that I'm following an overly complicated route to achieve a relatively simple goal.

      Is there an easier way to do this? Any comments are welcome. At the moment I don't even know what words to Google for ;-)