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    Can't retreive target value from listShuttle

    Tobias Schnakenberg Newbie

      I'am trying to get the target value from my listShuttle:

       <rich:listShuttle id="dynamic_smsText_list" sourceValue="#{ticketsMenu_Backing.availableColumns}" targetValue="#{ticketsMenu_Backing.selectedColumns}" var="items">
       <h:outputText value="#{items.label}"></h:outputText>
       <a4j:commandButton value="Submit" />

      My backing bean has following getters/setters:

      public List getAvailableColumns() {
       return controller.getAvailableColumns();
      public void setAvailableColumns(List availableColumns) {
      public List getSelectedColumns() {
       return controller.getSelectedColumns();
      public void setSelectedColumns(List selectedColumns) {

      The source value list gets displayed fine and I'm able copy and remove any items from and throught the target value list. But when I submit the form, the setter for the target value won't be invoked I am not able to retrieve the selected items.

      Thanks for any ideas or hints?