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    Would you please help me to visualize this?

    Hussein Baghdadi Novice

      What is the difference between task node and state node?
      When to use each one?
      Would you please consider this scenario?
      Suppose I have a Shipment system that I would like to employ jBPM.
      This application have a web interface.
      1) After the user has decided to order an item from our stores and clicked on "Order" button, here we started a jBPM process.
      2) manager1 decided to approve this order, approval order is achieved via an EJB, if an exception is thrown, a transition should be made to another state.
      For this stage, what we should we use, a task node or state node?
      3) If the process reached this stage, it is out Timer task.
      This timer is scheduled to run at specified intervals.
      What should we use for this stage, task or state node?
      If exception is thrown from the timer, a specified transition should be made.
      Thank you for your patience.