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    Couple of questions about how JBPM persists process definiti

    Not You Newbie

      I have a couple of questions that I felt weren't addressed in documentation. If somebody could answer them I would appreciate it.

      1) Let's say I define a process definition in an xml file. Then when I start my application for the first time entire process definition is parsed and persisted to a database. My question is what happens when I start my application the 2nd, 3rd, etc times? Does jbpm parse process definition xml file again, compare it to records in the database and create new version of process definition if any changes were detected?

      2) I want to extend JBPM process definition by creating a new node type. As part of doing that I also need to add a new property to the node. Is there a good way to do that without modifying jbpm's hibernate mappings?