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    Simple POC requested : status-only workflow with hiding butt

    Stefaan Soemrs Newbie

      I'm searching for a simple Proof Of Concept with the following requirements :

      - creating dossier where some fields need to be filled in
      - the workflow is only consisting of different states. There is no real need to create tasks
      - every user is allowed to work on every status
      - depending on the status, some buttons are showed to go to one of the next statuses
      - depending on the status certain fields are shown, and are required to be filled in before going to next status
      - dossier is persisted in a database
      - possible to work further on a dossier after a while

      There is no need for different pages, only one page is used, and depending on the status fields are shown or not

      I hope I'm a little bit clear. If anyone has an example of something similar, please feel free to e-mail me (Stefaan.Somers@gmail.com)