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    Compatibility between 3.0.13 and 3.1 code base ?

    Anthony McClay Newbie

      I receive an warning when I open the JBPM JPL Editor version 3.1.X when my base files are 3.0.13 based.

      The warning message allows me to open the gpd.xml and the processdefinition.xml files in the designer, but I have not saved the files for fear that the files are not compatible with the 3.0.x file format.

      We build a process to process the 3.0.x files outside of the designer, and it is not 3.1.x compliant/tested.

      JBPM JBPL Designer QUESTION:
      will the JPDL designer version 3.1 store the files in the 3.0 format, if we choose not to upgrade the file format?