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    Need jbpm database ?

    Debnath Mukherjee Newbie


      Can we use the jbpm library without using the jbpm database schema ?
      In particular, with respect to subprocesses, it was found that a
      link needed to be established which tells JBPM to take the subprocess
      from a particular subprocess name. If a subprocess with the name
      does not exist, it will give an exception while executing the subprocess

      From some test cases of jbpm involving subprocesses, it appears that we
      always have to deploy the (main and sub) process definitions before using
      a subprocess. Is this true ? Does this imply we have to use the jbpm
      database schema for a generic process ?

      Is there any alternative way (other than perhaps using the database),
      such as an API which tells JBPM, what subprocess definitions to use ?