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    Jbpm Database restauration problem

    Mathieu Le Cain Newbie


      I've an incomprehensible problem :

      I have to migrate a Tomcat/JSF/Hibernate web application using JBPM from a server to another.

      I use Jbpm3.1.2.

      The production server has many process instances launched and binded to my Object Model (in an other database).

      This work fine in the production environment. I dumped the two databases (the Jbpm one and my business model one) at the same time.

      I have exactly the same tomcat & MySQL versions on the new server.

      But when, after having restored the databases and lanched the apps, I can't do anything using the old processes.

      I just can deploy a new process (exactly the same than the old one) and use it fine.

      Anyone knows anything about this issue ?