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    Is org.jbpm.gd.jpdl plugin up-to-date in CVS (the project co

    John Ruud Newbie

      I have loaded the latest org.jbpm.gd.common, org.jbpm.gd.pf, and org.jbpm.gd.jpdl plugins into my Eclipse workspace, but the org.jbpm.gd.jpdl project shows up in Eclipse as containing a number of errors.

      According to the plugin manifests the plugins are all: 3.2.0.alpha1, and I loaded them from HEAD (for example: HEAD in jbpm.3/designer/jpdl/org.jbpm.gd.jpdl)

      One problem is that dom4j class references are not resolved (due to the dom4j jar not being included in the .classpath file), but there are several other errors as well (for example I needed to add org.eclipse.jface.text as a required bundle).

      Is this all due to the latest changes not having been committed to CVS, or have I managed to mess this up somehow?

      Thanks, John

      BTW, I'm also curious to know which JDK and Eclipse versions are currently being used for GD development.