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    Re-entering a StartState

    Roland Huss Newbie

      Does anybody know the reasoning, why it is forbidden to re-enter a
      start state via a transition ?

      Maybe because of symmetry ? (If an end point must not have
      exiting transitions, a start state must not have any incoming transitions)

      But technically, I do not see any reason and I can imagine use
      cases where a re-entering of a start state might make sense (e.g.
      coming back from some escalation node for an escalation which
      is triggered from the start state).

      thanx ...


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          pojomonkey Newbie

          I was thinking the same if, for example, there was an 'error' in the process variables, and you might want to 're-start' the process.

          I guess if you actually want to re-start the process, then it might equally make sense to 'end' the current one and then to simply start a new one? Otherwise you'd have to consider how you would handle having another instance of the start task created.

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            David Roberts Apprentice

            In my JBPM system, I have implemented the ability to re-route tokens to where ever you want. I also got errors when trying to route if back to a start state. So as a solution, I have put in some validation which doesn't allow you to route it to the start state. Instead, it tells you to rather create a new flow. That's basically what you would be doing anyway.