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    Pre-allocate actors to tasks before a task instance is creat

    stuart grassie Newbie

      I know that you can set who should do the task in a process definition. This though would be the same actor for each instance of that definition.

      Is it possible to pre-allocate an actor to a task, after the process instance is created, but before the token reaches the task node and a task instance is created, from a group of actors - as described in the tasks assignment in the process definition (either a swimlane, expression, handler or list of pooled actors).

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          Vitaliy Newbie

          I have working solution.
          1 In process definition
          1.1 Assign tasks to swimlanes
          1.2 Assign swimlanes to java handlers
          1.3 Create AssignActor task and insert it right after the StartState
          1.4 Assign AssignActor task to the Actor or the Group making assignment decisions.
          1.5 Create default controller for AssignActor task and add variable for each task that needs reassignment
          2 In java handlers (1.2)
          2.1 Get proper variable (1.5) from context instance and assign swimlane to it's value.
          3 In web interface
          3.1 In the AssignActor task web page set all task variables(1.5) with proper Actor or Group ID's