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    Problem in Using HelloWorld JBPEL Client

    Yogesh Kumar Newbie


      I am new to JBPEL. I have read the userguide given in the "jbpm-bpel-1.1.GA\doc\userguide\html" folder of jbpel and able to deploy the hello.zip file on the JBoss Server.

      I can see the service deployed at the following URL:


      This is shown on the browser when I access the above URL.

      Endpoint Name jboss.ws:context=hello,endpoint=GreeterServlet
      Endpoint Address

      I need to write the client component (Stanalone or Servlet) to access the service deployed.

      Problem is: How to do the Client side code setup (I mean what all components are needed to acceess it and "more important is how to use all those components together to access the service"?
      How to load the application-client.xml?

      I am using Eclipse to do it.

      Environment Details
      JBoss - version 4.2.2
      JBPEL - version 1.1
      JBPM - version 3.1.4
      JDK - version 1.5
      Eclipse - version 3.3 (with JBPM plug-in and JBPEL designer)

      Please help me.