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    Exception handling in JBPM

    Dhananjay Patkar Newbie

      I am facing problem as stated below:
      Defined a simple process with simple nodes(3 nodes + start and end state)
      Out of 3 nodes 1 st node action get executes without error and we are explicitely calling jbpmContext.Save(processInstance) to persist the process state
      The second node action thorws RuntimeException and we are not calling jbpmContext.save over processInstance explicitely
      But when we try to retrive the processInstance from JBPM db it returns the process state at node2 ....
      As we are not saving the node2 state ,I am confused with exception handling of JBPM..
      Kindly throw some light on this issue
      Thanks in advance.....


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          Dhananjay Patkar Newbie

          I observed that,JBPM persists each succeessfull node as its default behavior.....
          So now the problem is
          I need to go to 2 state back in the process graph and continue from there while recovery of the process..
          As per my knowledge ,JBPM doesnt saves the intermediate nodes traversed in the process flow....(It just saves the last successful node executed)
          So how to restart the process from specific node ......during recovery process...
          Kindly guide me....
          Correct me if I am wrong.....