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    Please help~~problem when invoking bpel process~~

    sim wong Newbie


      I am developing a web service using java web service developer pack. And i am going to deploy it to jboss server.
      I have an operation booking() which intake two parameters(int) and return two values.
      I have a wsdl file for this web service.
      In wsdl file,

      after compile the web service using wscompile. It created the endpoint interface called WSPT.java

      In WSPT.java:

      public interface WSPT extends java.rmi.Remote{
      public void booking(int id, int p, StringHolder client, StringHolder time){

      Can anyone tell me why the return type is void. And how i can return the two strings response using soap message. since at final stage, i will deploy web services as bpel process.

      In Booking.bpel:

      <reply operation="booking" variable="OutputResponse" partener link="caller" portType="tns:WSTP />
      after deploy to jboss, when i invoke the web service operation booking(), it throws an WSException, It said cannot find java method booking

      The details of exeception is:
      [SOAPFaultExceptionHelper] SOAP request exceptiom
      org.jboss.ws.WSException: cannot find java method: booking
      at org.jboss.ws.metadata.OperationMetaData.getJavaMethod(OperationMetaData.java:211)

      So can anyone tell me how to return two values for one operation in this case? and why the return type in interface is void? and Why the response variable place in the parameters of booking()?

      public void booking(int id, int p, StringHolder client, StringHolder time)

      Thanks a lot!!!