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    Action + Classcastexception

    Markus Falk Newbie

      Hello @all,

      i'm trying to get the jbpm-console to work and have the problem, that when i signal a process instance and an action is somewhere in the processpath, a classcastexception is thrown.

      Some different scenarios:

      1. I deploy it not with the jbpm console, leave the action.jar in the deploy path of jboss and signal it with the jbpm console -->classcastexception
      2. same as 1. but remove the action.jar -->classnotfoundexception
      3. same as 1. but deploy it with the jbpm console (with the actions in the par and the action.jar in the deployfolder) --> classcastexception
      4. same as 3. without the action.jar in the deploy folder --> it works
      5. same as 1 but signal it from a class, thats in the action.jar --> it works

      My System is a Jboss4.2.2 JbossEsb4.2.GA and JBPM3.2.2

      Is this a probelm with the classLoaders? Or a problem that sometimes the classes are saved in the database or a problem with the jbpm-console?

      i doesn't have the action.class two times deployed...

      any hints?