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    new release of jBPM based project-management system is publi

    Alexey Kakunin Newbie

      I'm happy to announce EmForge-0.21: http://www.emforge.org/news

      After almost 2 years of development the first public version of EmForge has been released.

      I want specially say big "thank you" to jBPM team - major part of EmForge - related to workflow management are done based on jbpm, and, thanks to jbpm flexibility it was quite easy implement integration of jbpm into whole project. jbpm are playing jey role in EmForge, and, I hope, together they will help people to better manage their software projects.

      For people, who are using jBPM in their development may be interesting some issues we done during integrating jBPM into EmForge, like:
      * integration of jBPM with Acegi Security
      * integrating jBPM with project roles,
      * special assignments to project owners
      and other.
      I hope we will place documentation on all of these issues in emforge site shortly, otherwise feel free to ask any questions here or in emforge mail lists: http://www.emforge.org/wiki/EmForgeMailLists