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    unable to plugin jpdl designer 3.2.1 into eclipse 3.2.0

    Aarthi SA Newbie

      As mentioned in your forum I've tried the following
      1: copy pasting links,features,plugins from jpdl designer to new eclipse extract
      2: running the given ant script to do the above
      3: using eclipse's find and install to install the plugin
      4: starting eclipse usign -clean param
      I ve tried all the above with jpdl 3.2.1 and jpdl 3.0.13 for the past few weeks and eclipse version 3.2.0. I used a new eclipse extract too.
      But still when I open eclipse I'm unable to see the jbpm option in windows preferences and in file->new->others

      Could anyone please suggest a solution? I've been trying this for weeks now. Is it a problem with eclipse 3.2.0 ?