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    richfaces tag and validation problem

    betul aydin Newbie

      My problem is that when I set required attriubute of input component as false the ajax event and richface event doesnt work.
      here is my code

      <td><h:selectManyMenu id="tk" value="#{TestRapor.testkod}" style="width: 196px; height: 308px" required="true" requiredMessage="Alanın girilmesi zorunludur" immediate="true">
      <f:selectItems value="#{TestRapor.testad}"/></h:selectManyMenu></td>
      <td><a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true"><h:message for="tk" errorClass="error"/></a4j:outputPanel></td>

      When button has been clicked ,panel must be visible but caused of <h:selectManyMenu component's required attribute it doesnt work.Can anybody say what is problem.