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    Mistake with signalling

    Victor Abc Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have the following sequence TaskNodeA -> TaskNodeB and TaskNodeA.taskOfA is set as no signalling (the checkbox signalling in designer is no checked) But when I make TaskNodeA.taskOfA.end() the action handler set for TaskNodeB.taskOfB is called. Is it correct ? TaskNodeA.taskOfA is set to no signalling.

      Thank you very much in advance.
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          Victor Abc Newbie

          In previous topic I asked if is it right, because documentation says: If signalling is set to false, this task will never have the capability of trigering the continuation of the token.

          So, why the actionHandlder of TaskNodeA.taskOfA triggers the actionHandler of TaskNodeB.taskOfB when TaskNodeA.taskOfA.end() is executed, if TaskNodeA.taskOfA.setSignalling(false)

          Thank you very much once again.