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    Delegation instantiate always parses configuration

    Jorge Morales Master

      I have an application which executes a lot of processes. I have seen that for Delegations (DecisionHandlers, for example) it always parses the configuration xml. Is there a way to avoid this? I mean, having somethig like:

       <handler class="my.decision.impl.MyDecisionHandler">

      Han having the MyDecisionHandler, when it instantiates, having these resolved to an Expression.

      class MyDecisionHandler{
       public Expression variable;
       public int value;

      This way, when I create my processDefinition, the Delagation should be created and assigned this valuess, and if I want to execute a processInstance of this ProcessDefinition it won`t parse xml again.

      Why are instantiated delegations not store within the processDefinition? There could be a way to store some safe delegations instantiated, and others that require to be instantiated at the moment just been done like now.

      Just a thought!!!