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    Jbpm pageflow

    Ankit Kakkar Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am working on enhancing the pageflow plugin for seam development so that user never has to go through the xml editing and he can provide every bit of information through the UI editor. Though I am successful to a certain extent, but I am apprehensive about the version I am using. I am using JBoss jBPM Designer Plug-in (org.jbpm.ui) plugin. It is a very basic plugin which I got from the JBoss repository. Details are:

      host: anoncvs.forge.jboss.com
      rep: /cvsroot/jbpm
      Module: jbpm.ide/org.jbpm.ui

      But this plugin doesn't offer me the right kind of extension points so that I can use them to add more properties for a particular node. I want to make it capable enough to take any relevant property for a particular node. Also, pls advise me on the correct and latest version of jbpm pageflow editor.