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    jBPM chapter available for selective review

    dajevu Newbie


      I'm writing a book for Manning called "Open Source SOA". One of my main chapters (actually 2) is on jBPM. I'm nearing completion of the first chapter, which is basically a getting started type chapter, tailored for mostly for developer types (such as myself).

      Since it is part of forthcoming book, I'm not at liberty to make it widely available, but I would like to have a few jBPM experts review it to make sure what I am saying is factually correct (actually, a non-expert or two would be good, so they could judge me on who well I explain the concepts).

      Obviously, I'm a big fan of the product, or I wouldn't have opted to include it in the book.

      If you are interested in reviewing it, please send me an email at biotechguy99@yahoo.com.

      p.s., the book will likely be published in the fall.