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    Weird error from XSLT transformation during BPEL 1.1 to BPEL

    Meghana Joglekar Novice


      I get following error when I start JBoss and deploy my first BPEL -

      17:23:31,312 ERROR [] [STDERR] Compiler warnings:
      17:23:31,312 ERROR [] [STDERR] jar:file:/D:/Program Files/Serena/Business Mashups/Common/jboss405/server/default/tmp/d
      eploy/tmp24683jbpm-bpel.ear-contents/lib/jbpm-bpel.jar!/org/jbpm/bpel/xml/bpel-1-1-converter.xslt: line 103: Attribute '
      target' outside of element.

      After that it fails when it tries to read correlationset from 'Scope' because the set is empty.
      Here is the dump of generated BPEL 2.0 xml file
       <ns9:correlationSet name="ServiceFlowIdCS" properties="tns:ServiceFlowId" />

      xmlns:ns8="urn:aewebservices71" xmlns:ns9="http://localhost:80/gsoap/aewebservices71.wsdl"

      are declared on process element. They are my external webservices I call during BPEL flow.

      However after this first error, all BPEL flows are deployed fine. Can someone point me in right direction? I am out of ideas ...at least for today.

      I checked the transformer factory getting loaded. It is JDK's bundled Xalan -

      Is this the correct library to use?

      Thank you,