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    Getting the previously executed node...

    Kamlesh Kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      Consider the following situation:

      In my workflow, there is a decision node first, the decision node checks the condition and redirects the workflow to nodeYes or nodeNo accordingly. Both nodeYes and nodeNo has a transition to node3.

      Hence depending upon the condition, the nodeYes or NodeNo is executed, and after that node3 is executed.
      Now if my workflow fails in node3, i have to go to previous node and continue it, something like


      But the problem is that how can i know whether the previous node is nodeYes or it is nodeNo?

      I can use node3.getArrivingTransitions(), which will perhaps return me both
      nodeYes and nodeNo. So how can i find which node has actually been executed before node3 failed?