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    Problem in running the samples of jBPM BPEL

    danesh arman Newbie

      Dear All

      I am going to run the samples of jBPM BPEL 1.1GA and have three questions and it would be great to get appropriate answers.

      1) I can deploy the hello sample, but when I want to test the process the following error message is shown:
      :148: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      :92: Error running jbossws:

      Also, there is a similar problem in running the purchase sample. As the tutorial indicates, after deploying the process I should run this command: ant deploy.webservice
      But the above error message is show.

      2)How the froms of the purchase sample are implemented? I mean user must fill out the forms and submit them in order to run several tasks of this process, but it is not clear for me where these forms are defined. Are they defined in the BPEL file?

      3) I am very interested to run the purchase sample to see its execution. How can I do this? I mean I want to fill out the forms and track its execution, but I don’t know how to do this. I think that “ant test� only tests this process and does not provide the possibility of running the whole of process.

      Thanks a lot for your help,