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    extending jbpm-console

    Greg Stasica Newbie


      i've downloaded jbpm4jsf project from cvs and successfully created .classpath file in eclipse - the reason why is that i want to extend some of the JSF classes. So I have all jbpm4jsf classes compiled to a folder. Unfortunately when i try to use jbpm-console i get no results, the classes are not being used.
      I use Tomcat DevLoader and have the jbpm4jsf output folder path appended to the devloader's classpath
      I'm looking for some hints how to make changes to this problem without creating a new JAR file each time i make any change in this project

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          Greg Stasica Newbie

          sorry folks, my fault

          there is a wiki on how to have it done.
          If you want to use jbpm.3 project and specifically jbpm4jsf used in your other project (for instance creating your own jbp-console but using existing code) you have to:
          1) have jbpm.3 project compile (just follow wiki and run ant tags as described)
          2) add context param to your project's web.xml file. This is necessary as jbpm4jsf uses facelets which look for xml files with tags definitions.

          <param-name>facelets.LIBRARIES</param-name> <param-value>/WEB-INF/lib/jbpmtld/core.taglib.xml;

          i don't have to add that these files can be found in jbpm.3 project :)