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    Error on method performFinish in class NewProcessDefinitionW

    Pedro Luppi Newbie

      I have changed the methodo performFinish in class NewProcessDefinitionWizard like this:

      public boolean performFinish() {
       try {
       IFolder folder = page.getProcessFolder();
       folder.create(true, true, null);
       IFile processDefinitionFile = folder.getFile("processdefinition.xml");
       processDefinitionFile.create(createInitialProcessDefinition(), true, null);
       IFile gpdFile = folder.getFile("gpd.xml");
       gpdFile.create(createInitialGpdInfo(), true, null);
       IFile abpmFile = folder.getFile("abpm.xml");
       abpmFile.create(createInitialABPMInfo(), true, null);
       IDE.openEditor(getActivePage(), gpdFile);
       BasicNewResourceWizard.selectAndReveal(gpdFile, getActiveWorkbenchWindow());
       return true;
       } catch (CoreException e) {
       return false;

      private ByteArrayInputStream createInitialABPMInfo() {
       String parName = page.getProcessFolder().getName();
       String processName = parName;
       StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
       buffer.append("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>");
       buffer.append("<process-definition\n" +
       " name=\"" + processName + "\">\n" +
       return new ByteArrayInputStream(buffer.toString().getBytes());

      When I debug, no errors occours, but when I exported the project org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui like a jar and put the jar in eclipse plugin folder and, after that, I start the eclipse and try to create a new JBPM Project Process, I got the error: Plug-in org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui was unable to load class org.jbpm.ui.wizard.NewProcessDefinitionWizard