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    very poor performance (server) with panelMenu

    Thierry Robin Newbie

      hi all

      we have made some performance tests and we've observed that panelMenu rendering is responsible of 50% CPU usage overhead.

      We've used a very simple application with search screens and result list in dataTable with datascroller.

      There is allways a panelMenu on the left side with about 30 entries (6 panelGroups with 5 panelMenuItems each : generated html code for that is bigger than 60kb !!)

      With Jmeter, we've injected 15 hits/s :

      - access to search screen,

      - search with criteria (*)

      - paginate on next page with dataScroller

      - ... and so on

      (*) We know that retrieval data isn't significant and we can reproduce it without any database access.

      We've noticed about 45% CPU usage on our big server (IBM p5-595 6-cpu !).

      But for the same test without panelMenu, CPU is only 30% busy !

      I think it's too expensive for a so simple object present in all screens of our applications. We can't use it in high throughput environment.

      So, we'll have to rewrite it more simply (and less CPU usage expensive) or find another way to do it (facelet or simple html + javascript).

      any suggestions are welcome