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    Problem with getGraphSession

    Santosh Kulkarni Newbie

      I am having following simple code for accessing processDefinition
      from the Database. ProcessDefinition is already loaded into databse
      by JbpmContext::deployProcessDefinition().

      When I call getGraphSession(), my processDefinition gets deleted
      from the databse row.

      JbpmConfiguration conf = JbpmConfiguration.getInstance();
      JbpmContext cont = conf.createJbpmContext();
      GraphSession session = cont.getGraphSession();
      ProcessDefinition def = session.findLatestProcessDefinition("name");

      What might be possible problem ?
      If I deploy and fetch the definition in a single program, then everything is fine. But if I call the "fetching" code from some other process
      (than deployment), then only this issue occurs.

      Any suggestions/pointers will be highly appreciated. Please help.