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    New application brewing, need some advice

    John Ericksen Newbie

      Hey guys,

      So, I need some advice on starting my latest application. Basically, it is a user management system, based on an 'ARF' (application request form) that we use at our company. It has a pretty simple workflow of approvals and notifications that it runs through with one caveat, the workflow probably will change, and additional ARFs will be added to the application for routing and management. I was looking at a variety of workflow engines for this and jBPM stood out among the crowd.

      I am thinking that I can just implement a couple of base modules, for the approval processes (who approves what) with a couple other editing and applying roles steps to the process and tie it all together with jBPM.

      Does this sound reasonable? Or should I consider some more options?

      Thanks for your input.