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    forcing propogation of variables from process to task form

    richard bradwell Newbie

      I have a scenerio whereby a message queue consumer receives a message and then the relevant jbpm process instance is pulled out via


      It then adds variables to the process via


      and then saves the process instance.

      Concurrenly I have another process that is responsible for actioning the workflow and retrieving the current user tasks with a call such as


      The problem I am having is that when I am pulling the user tasks back I am not getting the variables set in the task form by the message queue consumer process.

      I have wrote my own TaskControlHandler to do the copying of the process variables to the task form variables. This doesn't seem to be getting called when I am doing the call to findTaskInstancesByProcessInstance().

      I remember reading in the docs that the flushing from process to form and vice versa only happens on creation/ending of task. Therefore my question is how do I force the propogation of vars from the process to the task form when I do the findTaskInstancesByProcessInstance() call?

      Any thoughts? cheers!