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    Bussines object based application

    fero kocun Newbie

      Hi, I am evaluating jBPM for use in our application. This is not a task based application (user doesn't have a task list) but an business object (BO) based. What I mean is that every page is a list of BOs or edit page for one BO. What is the best way to integrate jBPM with this kind of app? I made an api that when user clicks on a button it will alert jBPM. It looks like this:

      public long newProcessInstance(String processName);
      public void doTask(long processInstanceId, String taskName);
      public boolean canDoTask(long processInstanceId, String taskName);
      public void deployProcessDefinition(ProcessDefinition processDefinition);

      ProcessInstance id is stored in BO and every button know how is called the task it should do. But it is needed to search the task by name. Is this the right approach? Has somebody used jBPM in this kind of app? Or should we use another workflow eg. OSWorklfow?