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    jBoss and jBPM plugins in Eclipse

    Alex Kavo Novice


      I'm using the Eclipse IDE for J2EE developers. For deploying my projects I simply added a new server like the jBoss 4.2 to the ide and could easily deploy the projects by adding them to the server.
      But now I'm going to build jsp-webapplication with business-processes and want to use the jBoss/jBPM and Eclipse. Now I'm confused how to deploy my webapplication with eclipse because now I can't add the jBPM to eclipse like the standard version of jBoss. I know how to deploy the processes by using the jBoss-IDE but how to bring (deploy) altogether I don't know.
      I also noticed that the standard version of jBoss like 4.2 does not have jBPM.

      Thanks for help.