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    token is locked

    Tina Kleb Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I would like to compare a user entered date with the business calender if the entered value is a holiday. Depending if it is a holiday the node is supposed to be left on the regarding transition but it always throws an exception that the token is locked. Can somebody please help me?


      <task-node name="Termincheck">
       <task name="Termincheck_Task">
       <assignment pooled-actors="leasingnehmer"></assignment>
       <event type="node-leave">
       <action name="Termin = Feiertag?" class="fahrzeug.actionHandler.TerminPruefen"></action>
       <transition to="Terminvorschlag" name="Termin annehmen bzw ablehnen"></transition>
       <transition to="Pruefung Kontaktdaten" name="Kontaktdaten pruefen"></transition>
       <transition to="Termincheck" name="Datum aendern"></transition>

      action handler:
      ProcessInstance processIns = executionContext.getProcessInstance();
       Token token = processIns.getRootToken();
       token.signal("Datum aendern");

      Thanks, Tina