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    Generating BPEL wsdl offline

    Joe Stevens Newbie

      Hi all,
      I've been searching for a way of generating wsdl files, including service bindings, for BPEL services. Right now, I'm generating client code for the BPEL-provided service using wsconsume and pointing at the live wsdl file that is generated on deploy. I'd like to be able to generate the full wsdl file for the service, and with that generate client code, without needing to deploy the app first. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          Yes. The product includes an Ant task for offline WSDL generation in jbpm-bpel-tools.jar. Here is a sample build file that defines and executes the task.

          <target name="generate.wsdl" depends="package.process" description="generate wsdl description">
           <taskdef name="wsdlservice" classname="org.jbpm.bpel.tools.ant.WsdlServiceTask">
           <pathelement location="${config.dir}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.commons.collections.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.commons.lang.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.commons.logging.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.dom4j.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.log4j.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.jaxen.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.jbpm.bpel.jar.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.jbpm.bpel.tools.jar.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.jbpm.jpdl.jar.local}" />
           <pathelement location="${lib.wsdl4j.local}" />
           <wsdlservice processarchive="${output.dir}/${module.name}.zip"
           generatedescriptor="no" />

          Make sure the config.dir includes the jbpm.cfg.xml file.