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    Add functionality to the GPD

    sidkennedy Newbie

      Hello to all,
      I decided to open a new thread because I think my issue is a little bit another direction than the one where I made a post. So I'll explain my problem:

      I want to add some functionality to the Graphical Process Designer (GPD) Plugin. I don't want to rewrite that plugin because I
      want that my plugin can be used with future versions of the GPD. The GPD
      has an Outline View and I want to add some nodes there. Is it possible
      to hook into an existing view and add some own nodes?

      In an Eclipse-newsgroup I got this answer:

      It all depend on how the GPD plug-in was created (which, I suspect,
      nobody on this list is familiar with).

      Do you know what kind of object is being displayed the list? You may be
      able to provide an objectContribution for it.

      This question might get more (and better) answers on a JBoss jBPM forum.

      And that's why I'm here. So can anybody help me?