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    Problem checking out from CVS repository

    Varun Doda Newbie


      I am doing the following:
      File->Import->CVS->Projects from CVS
      using exeisting repository location
      Use an existing module

      Then it tries to receive server response and after some time gives the error:

      cvs co -P -A "/jbpm.3"
      failed due to an internal error (took 31:00.734)
      Error: I/O has been interrupted.
      Error: The most likely cause of the interrupt is either an intermittent network failure or a communications timeout.
      Error: The CVS communications timeout can be adjusted in the Team/CVS preferences.
      Error: Another possible cause is the improper configuration of the "ext" connection method.
      Error: The "ext" connection method can be configured on the Team/CVS/EXT Connection Method preference page

      Can anyone help me in this??