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    JSF problem

    Mansingh Shitole Newbie

      As i need to access database from process forms, i need to retrieve "actors-ids" from "taskInstance" table and these actor id's want to be show dynamically in dropdown list on the process form.

      So as here in jbpm, how they mapped javaBeans with JSF? So please anybody
      can explain following tag to me

      <gd:repeat value="#{vars}" var="var" idVar="rid">
      where, in which file they mapped javaBeans file with value="#{vars}" or same for "#{tasks}"

      is it in faces-config.xml or else in other file

      Jst explain the concept of JSF framework which was used in JBPM engine
      As I will be remain highly grateful to u

      Thanking you
      --Mansingh Shitole