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    Datascroller and true pagination

    Franco Fernandes Novice


      I am desperate here, I have been stuck on this for the last 2 weeks - I have time to kill right now but this is killing me :(

      I did some custom changes with seam-gen to create an template with Richfaces datascroller for every list page. The problem I discovered later was that the datascroller was not really doing a true pagination and firing the entire query for every "next" page. Very costly, not something I would ever put in production and have a good night's sleep.

      I am a newbie to Seam/Hibernate/Richfaces but not new to J2EE stuff.

      This was perhaps a challenge I am not ready for yet. But I decided to give it a shot. I started looking at using a custom SerializableDataModel and found these many helpful posts on this topic.


      I used the approach documented in the latter post. Worked very well, with sorting too. But I had to be put my the datamodel in session scope for it to work.

      I then encountered another issue - after a new search, the datascroller would not get reset. Let's say my first search gave me 20 rows and I had 10 rows per page, that would be 2 pages. when I did a new search resulting in either no data or 1 page of data, I would still see 2 pages.

      Then I followed this

      and bound my datascroller to my data table.

      public class BurstDataModel extends SerializableDataModel {
       private BaseUIDatascroller datascrollerUI = null;
       public void search () {

      Search action would then call search method on datamodel above. Still no luck, the datascroller does not reset as expected.

      The richfaces developers have put up a nice example how to do pagination using the extended data model. But it is in no way complete.

      Then there are the critics of using the datascroller at all.

      I implemented the Facelets tag in the 2nd post and it works great!

      Then this guy shows how to reset the UIData in the model

      I did not try it, too raw for this stuff.

      Richfaces developers:

      Can you answer these questions ?
      Can the datascroller along with an extended model support true pagination ?
      What scope should this model lie in ? -
      session ? - overkill conversation - when should you start/stop the conversation ?
      What scope should the data provider be in ?
      How do you sync the datascroller to the data in the extended model ?
      Is it not possible to have true paging built into the control itself ?

      I do not give up easily, but frankly I think I may have to concede defeat here!

      Is there anyone who can post a complete working example for newbies ?


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          Franco Fernandes Novice

          Sorry to bump this up.

          Can anyone share their experience with the datascroller component.


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            Daniel Soneira Novice

            In RichFaces 3.1.6 / 3.2.1 the datascroller should automatically reset to the first page if the model changes.

            Which version are you using?

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              Franco Fernandes Novice

              I am using version 3.2.1

              Perhaps the key then for me is understanding the sequence of steps when a new search is executed. In my code, here I just call

              <h:commandButton value="Find" action="#{burstDataModel.search}" />

              Methods in extended datamodel

               public void search () {
               public void update() {
               if (getSortFieldObject() != null) {
               String newSortField = getSortFieldObject().toString();
               if (newSortField.equals(sortField)) {
               descending = !descending;
               sortField = newSortField;
               detached = false;
              Based on the documentation I have read, after update(), detached is set to false and triggers wrappedKeys to be rebuilt from the dataprovider.

              Have you used this successfully?
              with EntityQuery ?

              What scope do I put these in ?

              Thanks for your response.

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                Daniel Soneira Novice

                To be honest - I'm using "standard" jsf managed beans and don't have a clue about Seam.

                In my case a simple replacement of a list (which is used for the table/datascroller) does the trick:

                Similar to the code below


                 <h:commandButton action="${controller.handleSearch}"/>
                 <a4j:repeat id="resultTable" value="${model.resultList}" var="result">
                 <rich:datascroller for="resultTable"/>

                Controller (request scope)
                public void handleSearch {

                Model (session scope)
                private Entity filter;
                private List<Entity>resultList;
                public List<Entity> getResultList() {
                 return resultList;
                public void setResultList(List<Entity> resultList) {
                 this.resultList = resultList;
                public Entity getFilter() {
                 return filter;
                public void setFilter(Entity filter) {
                 this.filter = filter;