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    How I can show query results in jsf forms?

    Mansingh Shitole Newbie

      Hii all

      my requirement is that, i need to show pooled actors in jsf forms....so can anybody guide the steps to fulfill this rqrmnt..

      how i can integrate a jsf tags with managed beans....I got hibernate solutions. First I was new with hibernate, but I learn hibernate and played very well with them & getting fun with hibernate but i dnt know JSF and i m trying to learn jsf...so im getting well also but i was confused about where in which file they integrated jsf tag values with managed beans? I searched a lot in jbpm jar files but not got anything so please help me to find the code where they exactly written managed beans & jsf tag values(where instance is created?)...
      I got to know that these kind of instance & actual class(Managed bean) maaping was did in faces-confing.xml..in JSF framework.

      But in our case jbossJbpm framework(Inside jbpm-console.war ), Inside this war file, inside faces-config file nothing is like that, then how they are accessing data in jsf files?? I will give u sample code of t_tasks.xhtml file..

      <gd:repeat value="#{tasks}" var="task" idVar="rid" first="#{tasks_pager.first}" limit="#{tasks_pager.limit}">

      <h:outputText value="#{task.id}"/>

      <h:outputText value="#{task.name}"/>

      so where this value attribute "#{tasks}" this is mapped with javaBeans...where exactly...please help...If I clear this hurdle then almost I m the best JBPM user...-:) please help me...i m wating for reply